Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Camp Begins

Our life is awesome.
I mean... how many people out there get to help kids from hard places, walk by college students sides as they grow and learn and get to do it in a place like where we live????

Every spring/summer we know camp is starting by one fun event.
Airport pick ups!

I know you are thinking... "Really? That doesn't sound that great."
But it is!

You see, we all go and get on the silliest, most crazy outfit we possibly can.
Some examples are:
- Hillbilly
- Pajamas
- Princess
- Lesure suits
- Hippy clothes
- Wigs
- Pirates
- Knights

Then we all (as many as we can find) go to the DGO airport and stand there.
Everyone waiting in line for security smiles, stares and some ask "What is this?" "Is it a holiday?" "Who are you picking up?" "Are you a theater cast?"

We make people's day... it is so awesome. It makes you realize people need more fun in there lives. They are totally surprised and mesmerized.

Photos From A Last Summer Pick Up... Totally still makes me laugh out loud!

 Here is the Staffer who was welcomed so fondly!

Then the staffer comes through the gate and sees us. At first they are like "Who are those weirdos?" Then they realize, "Oh my! They are here for me!" This look of either horror or delight crosses there face. We even had one guy (who by the way ended up not working out as a staff) totally knew it was us and totally walked right by us... 100% ignoring us. Oh dear!

Then we sing to them or do something equally embarrassing and then give them hugs and welcome them to camp!

Yesterday, everyone else at camp was in a medical training course and one of our favorite returning staffers came in... so Cabin Miller went to pick them up in full CBX style. We made her a sign that read  FRAULEIN MARIA (because that is what Addie called her last year). She knew to expect us and came running to her little welcoming comity with laughs. We wanted to sing "How Do You Solve a Problem like Maria"... but we all chickened out. :-D

Here is Maria picking someone up last summer!

This is why I love camp!
This is why we work at CBX.

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