Monday, April 29, 2013

Eli is 6!

~Dear Elias ~

(I really didn't forget. Your birthday was April 25th... we were hanging on to the ride life had us on and enjoying you. But we are home and your birthday letter can be written.)

Sweet sweet boy! 
You are growing up.

Recently you've been confused about your age. When people ask, "How old are you?" You keep saying, "I'm my brother's age!" When they say, "Well how old is that?" you say, "Seven?" because you knew he was 6 and you think because you are a year older that it makes you both 7. We had a big discussion about how your age doesn't add to his to make you both a year older... sorry, it just doesn't work that way.

You have also been saying, "You use to be my big brother, but now we are twins again!"
You make me laugh.

You continue to be loyal, fiercely loyal. You care about people and that they have fun together. You don't mind things like chores as long as you can do it with someone and have fun doing it. You have plans and ideas about everything. Sometimes you have "codes" and when they are crossed you show remarkable displeasure about it... it is almost like injustice. Otherwise you are easy going and laid back. You have an amazing ability to listen and comprehend stories and ideas. You think and process everything based on the betterment of those around you.

You got 5 toys for your birthday. Within 3 days your siblings (by accident or intentionality) had broken 3 of your new toys. What did you do? You cried a little, but forgave and tried to fix the toy. When they weren't quite the same you said, "Wow, when the car goes it bumps around now! Yay... that is cool!" That is you, making lemonade out of lemons! (The offenders will replace the broken toys).

This year you are learning to be focused and not distracted by lesser things.
You are learning to be diligent and to do you best work.
You are learning to deal with your emotions in a right way.
And you are doing wonderful!

Six years ago they said, "Its a boy!" and we said, "Really?!?" with wonder and delight.
You have continued to be our wonder and delight every day you've been here!

Hap-Hap-Happy Birthday Elias!!!


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Svatka Schneider said...

It is such a beautiful letter. Truly heart-warming words that could easily work as a definition of 'Mother's love' in dictionaries. What wonderful memories you are creating for your children to treasure forever. You are an inspiration.