Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Starting Something New

We have pretty much stuck with Sonlight curriculum for our "core" up until, well, yesterday.

See, the adoption (and my 9+ weeks in Uganda last fall) really did a number on our homeschooling. I was able to keep caught up, with the help of my Mother-in-love with math and phonics with Addie, but  we didn't truly start our Core, or make progress on it until this time last year. So basically, we have had an annual school year, instead of a August-June traditional school year. It has, surprisingly, had some benefits... namely in a nice change of routine and motivation in starting something fresh and new during the doldrums of January.

Yesterday we started Beautiful Feet Early American History (it includes literature, Bible and character as well).

We are having a TON of fun!!!

Our first read aloud is Leif the Lucky...

Addie has her own Journal to compile a portfolio of her learning, and the boys and Cora are just enjoying coloring great illustrations and learning about Vikings!

I mean, what boy wouldn't completely go nuts over Vikings??? This is where I get the song "We're Vikings raiders of the sea" from Lyle the Kindly Viking (Veggie Tale) stuck in my head.

I don't know if Beautiful Feet Books will be a permanent switch for us. I actually doubt it will be, given their scope and sequence, but it is a really fun change and the literature is simply perfect for us right now.

Sometimes something new is the perfect solution to homeschool burn out!

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