Friday, December 14, 2012

Organizational Quest #1 - Paper Work & Mail

Here is the current "desk" just off the kitchen. Pitiful!
Sorry about the poor quality photo,
lost my camera cord (isn't that ironic) and it is a photo on the ipad.

My Issues:
~The mail gets brought in, set on the counter/desk and within 2.5 seconds something important gets lost! That is not exaggerating.
~I have tried a binder (see it there on the desk), but really that is a classy word for messy "pile".
~There is NO system or accountability to dealing with incoming, out going and filed things, as well as a safe place to keep important things.
~I don't have time each and every day to file, go through things and organize. Mail needs to be contained in a safe place until I can get to it.
~I don't have room for a sweet little wall unit to put things in. (See below).

Isn't that cute!?! 
Yeah, don't have room for that.

My Successes:
~I am good at organizing our important documents (I blame that on the adoption).
~I have a cool file thing I have everything organized in and it stays put. (But, that is far different from daily dealing with paperwork.)
~I can find important things and they aren't lost!!!

My Plan:
~My plan is to apply the same principle of my "important document" filer to my daily filer... makes a whole load of sense given the other works for me.
~This is what I found and am looking to replicate... This seems simple, effective and inexpensive!!!

Now to make it happen!
I'll post photos of my version of this once I find it...

Thoughts? Potential Issues? Ideas?

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