Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Organization Quest

A realization.
I am not very organized.
I am just organized enough to not be considered "unorganized."

Nice. But that isn't working for me/us/we.

Want to join me on an honest, real, brave journey towards the goal of home organization?

Tim (my hero of a man) and I sat down a few nights ago after a paycheck vanished into thin air and wrote down a list of things we need to get better organized and manage better. For the next month or so I'll be pinteresting my little life away, then getting to work! It will change or it will die!

~~~Our Areas to Attack~~~

1. Mail/Desk/Paperwork Organization
The husband comes in, drops the main on the counter and then an hour later you are frantically searching for a bill or a check that was there moments before... I want to kill this problem! Once and for all!

2. Clothes Management
You go to your child's room and are engulfed in a sink hole of seemingly clean and dirty clothes combined! You throw in the towel (haha) and re-wash it all. Sad day of doom. This is the dragon of all house-hold issues... especially when you have more than 3 children!

3. Toy Management
Basically the above, but with sharper objects that you step on and curse about (well, not really, but you want so badly to!)

4. Medicine Organization
Opening up a cupboard and thinking you walked into an apothecary shop with sticky syrups and bottles glued to shelves, expiration dates 2 years past due and too many packages of Imodium. Double, double, toil and trouble!

5. Laundry System
This is a beast that grows with exponent when new children enter your home. Our laundry space is cramped and this makes the beast appear larger than life... plus it is a 3 headed beast (wash, fold, put away). And one head never gets done in our house!!!

6. Pantry Organization
This is the mother of all cupboards in my home. Between food storage and appliances it is a huge tangle of cords and crumbs!

7. Meal Planning and Food Inventory
This is an area that is a joy to me (not the shopping) but the planning. Weird I know. So I'll share the joy of this bright and rainbow and roses spot for me!

8. Chore Method and Management
Getting the dwarfs to work like the Snow White would like them to... fantasy or reality?

Join me? 
Do you have a quest of your own?

1 comment:

Julianna said...

I will join you :). I am working on making my bedroom work for us and a baby. I also need to clean out the basement.