Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Our Christmas Eve Baby!

~ Dear Isaiah Allan Kizito ~

Happy birthday!!!

You are an official BIG boy now. 6 years old!
How did that happen?

But you know what else? I am so thankful that this year I can understand everything you say.
A year ago I only hoped I was getting you the right birthday present.
Now I know exactly what you want... a pocket tool!
I also know you want a cake with a dragon on it and you want to eat corn for dinner and go out to breakfast!
That makes me so happy!

Allanee, you have grown up SO much this last year!
You have learned to be a really loving boy... who thinks of others before himself!
A year ago you weren't like that.
You didn't like to snuggle and now you are an amazingly snugly boy.
A year ago you were afraid of a lot of things, now you aren't afraid of many things at all!

Allan you have brought so many amazing things into our family:
-A good work ethic and diligence.
-A helpful attitude.
-The ability to make airplanes out of mulch and sticks.
-Lego making skills beyond anything I could imagine!
-Enthusiasm for almost anything.
-Brussel sprout boy like his mother!
-Dimples and long eyelashes!

We thank God every day for bringing you home and making you are boy! Mommy is sad sometimes she missed all your first 4 birthdays, but also I am just glad I get to be a part of all the ones to come!

Thanks for sharing your heart with me Allan!
Thanks for letting me be your mom and know I am so thankful that God has place you in our family!


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