Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dear Addie... On Your Birthday


You are seven! 7! That is such a big number. I know that when you were 7 weeks old I felt a huge sense of accomplishment! You've come a long long way from being a fussy baby to a tantrumy toddler to a sweet and happy big girl... in my book seven is a "real" big girl!

Today we spent time doing all sorts of things, seeing lots of things, but what I saw was a girl who cares about others, is trying to grow in God's ways and a girl who is sure of who God made her to be!  I know that you will often have to "re-learn" those things... I do to, sweety! BUT you are a girl who loves others, loves God and is sure about things! I have always taken such joy in that.

This year you have learned to control your strong emotions and act in a big girl way.
You've learned how to be a leader.
You've learned how to read, swim, ride a bike, tie your shoes and probably a million other things!
You've lost your first tooth.

Do you wonder what this next year will bring?
I do!
And I am excited for all you'll learn and do.

God loves you.
Remember that you were made by God to be Addie Ruth ...
and you don't have to be anything BUT that!
You are a sinner... but you have hope in the Savior, Jesus... if you mess up go to HIM!
I love you.
Your dad loves you.
Your brothers love you.
Your sisters love you.
They also look up to you for so much!

We all thank God for giving us a girl that is loving, compassionate, thoughtful, giving and as passionate as you are!

And thank you for making me a mommy! It all started with you!


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