Friday, May 11, 2012


This baby boy has FOUR DAYS to find a family!
4 DAYS!!!
How is that even possible?

About a month ago I requested to see his file.
At that time we were the 1st to request to see it (that shocked me).
I just emailed with the lady who is advocating for him and she said that a few other families have requested to see it, but none are seriously considering adoption. :-(

He has some minor needs, he has vision, and he is "bright" and fully present. His file included 2 short videos that showed very clearly what his needs are, and what he is able to do.
He reaches out grabs a toy and shakes it in line of his vision!
His file says he says words.
He has some delays, mostly due to living in a nation where kids with special need have had one of the worst known living conditions in Europe since the Communist era. Watch this video to find out just how bad is was in recent years.

His institution is a "better" one, and his director cares enough about him to seek out corrective surgery, which he should have in coming months... I think they know he has a future and a hope!

BUT, really the ONLY thing Kristopher really needs is a FAMILY!
 With out that he really is with out hope.

So, here is the deal... his nation is a really really easy one to work with. They require 2 very short trips. The first is 5 days and you go an meet him. The second you go AFTER court (meaning you don't even go to court) and pick him up and get his Visa stuff done! Really it doesn't get much easier than that... says the lady who spent 9+ weeks getting her kids home. :-) No excuses about having to take too much time off work or being away from kids too long, cause we all know we'd jump at a chance to go away for 5 short days.

Additionally, it is a Hauge country, meaning they follow a standardized method of how children are referred and adopted, Hauge countries are known for having a high standard of ethics. It is my understanding that in his country attempts are made to re-place in bio families, then through domestic adoption and lastly internationally. Unfortunately they only give a child 2 or so months to be placed internationally, and i don't know what takes place after that. I am fairly sure, based on my research that he will be in an institutional setting for the foreseen future. :-(

Quite honestly, I think that no one has given him much notice because he is so young and because he is so sweet, they all assumed someone would scoop him up quickly... that hasn't happened.

But really, I am not OK saying, "Too bad, buddy, your time ran out..."

I know God has a family for this sweet baby boy! Please pray, fast and seek!

Praying this prayer over Kristopher today...
"I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them."Isaiah 42:16

Let's find them!!! 
Please share, share and share some more.
Time is running out!!!

If you are interested AT ALL please contact Shelly at:

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MamaLynn said...

I would take him!! I don't have money to travel to adopt! I am praying so hard someone gets him and give him the family he deserves!! This is so heart breaking!!!