Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Elias' Sliding Scale of Awesomeness

Elias has his own scale of awesomeness.
I know you think a 4 and 3/4 year old might not be qualified to accurately define "awesome" but really, he is because his life is "awesome". The boy knows his stuff when it comes to "awesome."

(In Ascending Order of Awesomeness)

Good - Nothing is really truly "bad," it is all "good." Example: "I cleaned up my room good." ... when it really wasn't cleaned up at all.

Pretty Good - For most of us this would = fine. Example: "That spaghetti was pretty good."

Awesome - Most things are "awesome" in Elias' life. Example: "That soda is awesome."

Pretty Awesome - An even greater amount of things in Elias' life are "pretty awesome", things like sisters, books, cleaning up the car, and feeding the chickens. Example: "It was pretty awesome to go shopping wiff you mom!"

Really Pretty Awesome - Things like mom's, friends, legos and school are "really pretty awesome". Example: "Buzz Light Year is really pretty awesome!"

Super Awesome - Things like dad's, brothers and ice cream are "super awesome." Example: "Dad, you are super awesome, lets go build a fort!"

Really Super Awesome - Things like Disneyland or soccer or camping are really super awesome... God might be in there too, but I am not 100% on that. Example: "Camping is really super awesome!!! We could set a trap for a dragon!" and it is usually followed by a hoot or a happy man dance!

So... if plain old "awesome" is just not cutting it for you, please feel free to use Elias' Sliding Scale of Awesomeness!

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