Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hair... Cora's Do

In reality Cora's hair is the most frustrating for me... she still has slightly more hair on one side of her head than the other... (due to her taste for pulling a strand and tickling her cheek with the hair while she goes to sleep... but it has gotten better since we got her a "ree-ree"... a fuzzy backed blanket).

But anyway.
It is just a hard head to style in any way remotely creative. So, I give up and just pull up the top and call it good most days.

I did invent this little style called the "Cora's Do" ... it helps deal with all her hair unevenness in a cute way.

1st - I have to piggy back band her front bang area to one side (the more sparse side) because it won't pull back and stay back due to her length issues.

2nd - I do a wiggly part that puts more hair on the sparse side with out the part looking obviously lop-sidded.

3rd - I put piggy tails in and keep them looped up, so you don't see that one side is twice as long as the other.

Hopefully one day she stops her hair tickling and stops pulling. But until then... her is her doo!

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