Wednesday, March 7, 2012

When will I turn into my parents?

Do you ever wonder, "When will I turn into my mom/dad?"... will it be a mystical moment when the Aging Fairy come and says, "Now you will become your mother..." or do we never even remotely become like our parents in that sort of sense?

We are visiting my parents.

We walked in last night and Addie said, "Papa, I have an owie on my chin, see..."
My dad said with his grandfatherly concern, "Let me see it honey..."
He inspected it with glasses upraised...
Then promptly turned to me with great concern written all over his face and said, "You better watch that... it could be impetigo!"

Two thoughts ran through my head...
#1 - "Yeah, but just our luck it could be flesh eating bacteria or leprosy... Shesh dad, it is a scratch with a scab she keeps picking!"

#2 - "Dad, repeat that again and think about it one more time..."

Guess which I opted for?

I chose... #1
Because I know my dad.

My dad is a goof (even though was dead serious this time.) He has an amazing sense of humor, he is a talker, but also a nice streak of morbid fascination thrown in there. He likes to think he isn't a worrier... but I think that his statement just proved him wrong.

When do we "turn into our parents"?

I think never, we just become exaggerated versions of ourselves that reminds everyone else of the equally exaggerated versions of "their parents". You know, like that dad with Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding... my dad once sprayed my nose picked finger with Windex... I was much much younger then. And I am really shocked he didn't tell me to spray Windex on my daughters "impetigo".

Just a story from today, about a dad who I can laugh at and with!
Love you dad.
Stop worrying about impetigo. It IS just a scratch.

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