Monday, March 19, 2012

Clothes Management and a Rabbit Trail

So I went all radical on Sunday and now I have 3 trash bags full of clothes for Goodwill. Yesterday our family was still limping along from the Plague of Barfyness... so no church.

That is not one thing that ought to share with community.

(Side note... I think the worst and most horrible thing to hear said is, "We just got over the stomach flu... yesterday."!!! Really?... you are NOT over it... not until every single person barfs!... That junk lingers!!! Please don't come back into community until at least 2 days have passed with NO barfs. Just saying, that is one quick way to lose friends! Haha... but seriously!)

Ok, back to the topic.

We were at home, vegging out.
Did I mention I am fairly certain I am immune to the stomach virus/"flu"? Yep. I had a little girl vomit on my shoes during my first year of teaching (9 years ago) and I haven't gotten it since then... really, not once. And our family has gotten it every year since then. Yay for teacher immunities... but it also has the added joy of being the one to get to take care of everyone else, catch their barf in my bare hands and sheet the entire house in extra sheets to avoid ruining things. I've actually worked it out to a very systematic approach.

I have all but compiled a "Stomach Virus Survival Kit", but if I did, it would include:

6 old flat sheets (to layer over any bedding)
3 extra pillow cases
Ginger ale
White crackers
A movie (or 5)
Lipton chicken noodle soup
Hand sanitizer
2 towels for kneeling on
1 BIG huge bowl

Good Times!

Oh man... the tangents! Any how, to my original point... we were at home from church... I was fine and dandy... others not so much... I was doing mounds and mounds of laundry... so I decided to change up how we deal with clothes!

So until now, we have pretty much had a system that was just TOO much for me to handle. We had two drawers full of clothes for each kiddo, endless PJs, socks and undies and it was creating huge amounts of laundry. Tim worked out a system that worked for him (while I was gone for over 2 months), but I couldn't get it to work for me... it took more management than I felt I could or needed to do.

So I pared down each kids clothes to this:

2 church outfits
3 going out outfits
5 play/daily shirts
3 play/daily bottoms (or dresses/skirts)
8 undies
10 socks
1 hoodie
1 jacket
4 pairs of PJs

WHAT a difference in storage, organization, (hopefully, undoubtedly) laundry, and management on my part... and it is what we NEED (and not more). When I look at the list I wonder why we even had more???

I also realized all the "rejected" clothes were stained, worn out and unwanted (for the most part) and they were just bogging up the works.

I'll keep you posted what progresses with this new approach.

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