Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Thea!


Today is your first birthday! I can hardly believe it!
What a hard, amazing, providential and surprising first year you have had. You've come along way, had so many changes, and flourished among it all!

I've only been blessed to be your mom for three months of your first year... in a literal sense. There are times I grieve for those other 9 months, but know you were cared for by 2 other great mothers during this year. They both love you, did their utmost for you and did hard things for you! Their strength and resolve humble me.

Thea. You are a special girl! What your nanny told me was 100% true... it just took some time for it to come out... you are THE happiest and easiest baby. You smile all day and just go with the flow. You popped out 4 teeth this week with one day of drooling, no tears, no fever and no crankiness... simply amazed! You are resilient and strong! You are brave. You are sweet.

I am so thankful that all those series of events took place that lead you to us. I am so thankful that you weren't left at the hospital, so thankful you were left at the neighbors and more so on the road side. We know now, that there were so many chances that could have diverted our paths, but they worked out in a round about way to lead us to you. We are thankful that this last year of waiting and wondering and working is over and that we can be your mom and dad! We thank God for allowing us that awesome and humbling privilege! We thank Him, Katsiime!

Thea Agnes Katsiime!


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