Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Date Idea

My husband is about... no... the best at being creative, romantic and intentional with loving others. He continually out does himself with date nights! I am always at a loss because he is so good at loving me!

That was until I came up with a date night to rival... or at least keep up... with his.

It was called Table Tours of Boulder... or my version of it.

How it worked was we went to 3 different restaurants to get a taste of the best they offered... you could do even more than 3...

What you need is a good place to find many places to eat... and the ability to walk to them all.
Boulder's Pearl Street is a prime example. Other ideas are tourist town's down town or I guess strip malls or commercial walking malls might work too... but that seems lame to me. Just joking... sort of.

Any how.
This was what we did.

First course was appetizers. We went to a vegetarian restaurant... yes, I know, really outside the box! We had THE most delicious Stuffed Dates (filled with soft cheeses and a sweet sauce on top) and a Tempura Fried Avocado and Rice Cake (not like the foam ones, but a cake made out of rice). They were both SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! To put icing on the cake... they had this amazing ginger beer (not real beer) that was seriously like a Ugandan Stoney Tangawizi!!!

Second course was entries... We went to a "Farm to Table" restaurant. It was SO good. I had some Gnocchi with wild mushrooms that literally melted in your mouth!!! NO joke! Tim had a steak that literally melted in your mouth... NO joke! It was fantastic! I am really needing to learn to make Gnocchi... it is my next project.

Then for Dessert! We opted for the Cheesecake Factory... (I know, a little pedestrian... I will admit) but they have a cake that is a mix of chocolate cake and cheese cake... called the 30th Anni. cake. It is the best of everything!

It was probably one of the best dates I have taken anyone on... and perhaps one of our funnest... we got to walk, eat, talk, walk, talk, go in a shop, eat, talk, go in a book store, and eat a bit more!

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