Monday, December 12, 2011

Hair... Top Knots

Here is some straight hair do's!
I found this great site for ideas on most hair types...

The styles range from WAY easy to WAY hard...
but it is fun and gives me ideas for my straighter haired girls!

This was an adaptation from one of the styles shown on the site... mainly because Addie's hair isn't long enough to have it pulled together at the nap of her neck like the other style. It looks far different than the do, but turned out pretty all the same!

I took two sections on top and gently knotted them. Then pulled the 2 knotted sections back into a simple half pony along with the side hair. It creates a fun look on top.

Addie has worn this twice now and it makes a simple style much more dressy, and only took me about 20 seconds longer to do.

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