Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hair... Coming Home

So here is my series on hair... I'm wanting to learn to do ALL my girls hair nicely and to care for it better. But of course my biggest learning curve will be with Miss Thea.

On coming home I found both her skin and hair got almost immediately dry, as you can see from the photos. This was only 2 days after being home! Her poor little cheeks were horribly chapped... and I was putting a Shea Butter cream on them! At someone's advice I put Eucerine on them... it worked like a wonder! That is her main cream now for her whole body. I am still working on getting the right moisturizer in her hair... Haven't found something I LOVE yet. We do like Kinky Curly Not Today for a detangler... but I am learning and can't recommend a conditioner yet.

Here is a little style called "Twist outs". Basically you take some product and get it well into the hair and section off little parts and twist them together and put a bit more product on the ends to keep them twisted. The next day you can gently untwist them to have nice ringlet-y hair.

Cute. Cute.

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