Sunday, October 30, 2011

Funny Comments On The Baby

People here are more blunt. Which, oddly, I find sort of refreshing.
I've been out and about a bit with Miss Thea.
I truly think we do "stump" some people, because Thea does have a lighter "brown" skin tone and a bit looser curls.

Here are some of our comments.

At the Friday Market (a craft type fair) a lady said, "Madam, your baby... its skin is... brown." in sort of a surprised tone as if she was honestly surprised my baby was not white like me. I said, "Yes, mama, it is. Isn't it beautiful?" She nodded unsure what to say next.

At the doctors a young ethiopian looking woman who sat with her young daughter said, "What a pretty baby you have." I thanked her. Later after much observation she said, "Your baby, she does not much look like you, I think... does she look more like her father?" I laughed internally, um no. But managed to say, "She came to us through adoption, she isn't through birth." She nodded and smiled as if satisfied to know.

Then today at the super market every clerk or worker would ask, "How is the baby?" or "How is that baby?" I would give the standard response, "The baby is fine." I just don't ever think I've been asked how my baby is doing before... people don't ask that or in that way in the US and it cracks me up every time.

But the most common thing we are commented on is just how pretty Miss Thea is!
I just say, "Yes, she sure is!"

We having our ruling tomorrow... praying.

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