Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ahh, what a day...

It was one.
I am spent.

I don't enjoy single motherhood. And I appreciate all of you that are... so much more.

We moved to another house on the property... not a biggy... in my mind.
For Miss Thea... well, it must have seemed like a big deal because she spent the greater part of the day SCREAMING!
Not just fussing... SCREAMING. Like, to the point I was worried people would start to come to rescue her from her certain demise (by the sounds of it).
We do know she has great lungs though!

Deep breaths... (that is me).
She is asleep now. I am thanking the good Lord about that.
I am drinking tea.
I am sitting on the couch... the one that would make Thea scream, if I sat on it.
So weird.

She did enjoy bath time. That was a highlight of the day for us!

And she did NOT scream when I brushed her hair! Which, by the way, rocks!
She really does have amazing hair! It isn't course, like you would think. It is incredibly soft super tiny ringlets! I am in love! And it isn't hard to care for... it just takes some different techniques. She has sported the most adorable puffs (like 8 of them) for 2 days now.

Oh, and great.

Tim just called, Cora is throwing up. :-(
Pray for that man. He is superman, but I doubt superman could handle 4 kids (plus himself) sick with the bubonic stomach plague. Lay low. Cover everything with sheets. Have bowls ready. Use movies to your advantage. And stick together.

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