Saturday, August 27, 2011


We all talked with Kizito this morning.
We are so beyond blessed to have the privilege of doing this weekly! I can't explain how good it is for all of us!

He (they all) were thrilled Tim could join the conversation this time!

It went sort of like this:

Tim and Me: Hello Kizito!
Kizito: Hello Dad!
Us: How are you?
Kizito: Goood. How are you Dad?
Tim: I am good.
Kizito: I am waiting for you.
Us: (Tearing up...) We are coming soon! We will be there in 8 days!
Kizito: How are you Dad?
Tim: I am good.
Marci: We love you!
Kizito: I love you too.

There was some other random talking from Addie and Eli and him... but it really didn't make much sense. :-)
We ARE coming soon!

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