Thursday, July 7, 2011


I am just overwhelmed with blessings tonight.
It is cool, fresh and moist outside.
We've been blessed with an amazing summer staff at the camp. It is a joy watching them serve God, do difficult things and love others with little thought to self.
I've also gotten to catch up with an 'old' friend... that is sweet.
Addie is getting glasses, they are hot pink and black. And she is excited.
I've seen many friends be able to bring home their children this week! Things are moving in a certain distant land and we rejoice that children now have families!
Cora is potty trained... all the way now!
I get to go hang out with other homeschooling mothers tomorrow!
I love my husband, he is such a good friend, I feel honored to stand beside him.
Elias has a bad sun burn.... not a blessing, but HE is.
God reminds me how much I need him, how much I crave him, how much I am worth nothing with out him!
Kizito has a "swollen cheek" but is seeing a dentist tomorrow and 2 dear friends have taken care of him for us... humility.
We found a second middle name (a tribal one) for Thea... Katsiime. We still don't know what it means, but it is from her heratage and we like the sound of it.
I got the laminator to work.

There is more, but my pillow is calling my name.

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