Sunday, July 17, 2011


We just returned from four days in one of the most beautiful places on The earth... Cascade.
The name splashes out beauty.
It was a sweet time as a staff, for our family and personally.
God seems to be telling me... Sabbath, Rest, Let me.

We are blessed to be privileged to be given a longer Sabbath this fall. Our first in the nearly ten years we have served in camp ministry and nearly 7 at CBX.

Recently I asked Tim, "How should this Sabbath look for our family, for us personally and what is God impressing on your heart about it?"

We aren't sure.

So I'm setting out to learn more about the concept of Sabbath.

Also, I think Sabbath is and can be metaphorical.
Recently I got some, not 100% great news on one of our kiddos adoption process (though it isn't that bad either), but I am forced to remember that in most things I must REST and practice letting GOD be god.

Many people say, "Shabat shalom." Peace and rest.
When we are at peace we are not desiring our ways, pushing, making, doing or striving, we just are and are letting God do the verbs of life and participating as He leads us.

On sabbath, author Dorothy Bass says, "At the same time, remembering the holiness of the day also reminds us that we are not God; this is a command, not a polite invitation... We can be the makers of neither commandments nor days. These we receive."

On sabbath we realize that fields will be watered by the Heavens, flocks tended by another, and that they too, as all creation was made for rest, can and do benefit from the Sabbath. Cleaning, commerce, worrying, trying can wait one day.

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