Sunday, June 19, 2011

They Came!

Our affidavits came this last week! We've had a few minor revisions to make and hope to get them signed, notarized... along with about 200 other pieces of paper. To say the least I have a hefty pile of work to get done this week and lots of things to double and triple check. BUT... we are nearly "there"... "there" meaning, not that far in the grand scope of things, but after this point it is out of my hands (not that it ever has at all been, but you get my idea).

Also, we had a some good friends come visit... all 9 of them. It was the first time I can say I've had 14 people living under the same roof. Normally visions of chaos and bedlam would come to mind, but really I've had more of that with much smaller crowds. It was a sweet time with friends that aren't far from being family. I still secretly hope one of their boys will marry one of our daughters, but that is getting a bit ahead of things. It was just a nice time and I am glad they came!

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