Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sweet Sights

Furthermore, I will add that there are a few families visiting their babies at the home Little Miss is at and they have sent a picture every day (at the least) of that girl! They have blessed so many families this week!!! I think they've sent me about 6 photos so far... and they are really good!

Little Miss has the MOST beautiful smile!
I am giddy over it!

This is outside the home... toys getting some nice Ug@ndan sun!

I am SO tempted to post it, but won't. But if you see me, ask to see it. I have about 10 printed!

She sucks her left index finger and has a best friend with an equally delightful "old lady name" and they sit together daily and knit... that is totally my imagination. But, given these two girls names you'd think it was the case! Laugh.

Oh... and her HAIR!
This girl's hair is, well, as big as her smile!!!
The nannies seem to be taking some extra time to give her the grandest 'fro this side of the Nile River! It is beautiful!

We are seeing more and more that adoption really is the only option available to Little Miss. We are hopeful, but also guarded... we'll see what happens!

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