Thursday, May 12, 2011

From Who All Blessings Flow

The last week I feel like God is pouring out blessings on me and my family.

I've been encouraged by friends.
I've had sweet times with my children.
I've had grown closer to my husband.
I've learned.
The Spirit has helped me grow.

I am just thankful, I am understanding things about my God that I haven't in the past.

I see how He is working all these parts together for His glory... and I get to partake in that.
It is sweet and I am enjoying savoring it.

My house is a wreck. I don't have most of the things ready for camp and life there that I need. But I am at peace. I know it will get done.

For nearly a year now God has been teaching me about my need for His presence and how His presence in my life and circumstances provides peace.

To show you exactly the lengths God has gone to, to teach me about His peace and presence I'll share this story...

Last fall when we started to learn about adoption and where the Lord was leading us. We inquired about 2 little boys on a waiting list. When I opened up their files to learn about them I found their names were Solomon and Emmanuel. I knew immediately what Emmanuel meant... "God with us." But I didn't know what Solomon meant, when I looked up Solomon, I found it means, "Peace."

God has been on a mission to help me see that He is PRESENT in my life, in the little and in the big. He is working and doing His plan to bring about glorifying Himself through me, and I can participate or not.

Furthermore, when I participate His presence provides PEACE... especially when it makes no sense at all to have peace with what is happening around us.

We didn't end up parenting either of those sweet boys, but God knew that. He knew I needed their names, to confirm who He is and what He is doing in my life in a very tangible and real way to me. It still amazes me how God used 2 little Ugandan boys to help me grow in Him... so absolutely crazy, but isn't that just like God?

He also used them to lead Tim and I to where He wants to take us and to the children He planned for us to parent.

I have NO doubt this journey is to bring God glory and to make us into people that resemble His Son.

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