Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Benefits

Part of the reason this blog is entitled "She Can Laugh" is because I laugh probably a bit too easily. I chalk it up years of comic indoctrination by my father... witty, ridiculous and mentally warped humor...

But one of the best benefits of motherhood to me is how darn funny kids are and life in general as a mom. I think, if I didn't laugh I'd loose it... it sure is a lot better than crying.

Here are things I've tried to capture the last few months that got my funny bone.

So Addie is in this phase where she things EVERYTHING needs to be tucked in... mainly her shirt, but she came out dressed with her pants tucked in her socks. I was holding in a smirk when I asked, "Honey, why are you socks tucked in?" She said, "Oh, just like them that way, they look cute, and I am cold." Hum... very nice!

Ok, so this might make me insane... but see the Honey Bear sticking it's head out of my cupboard? That made me laugh so hard I had to sit down. It was like it was peaking out at me. I still do the snort laugh when I see this photo! I think I need to get out more!

Cowboys know how to water trees! Plus a perfect photo to show his first girl friend!
Bottom blurred for obvious reasons. :-D

If Cora doesn't want to smile, it ain't going to happen! You just have to know her, she is a happy girl, just a bit contrary about things... totally #3 to the core!

Here's another... for no reason she was not willing to sing happily during worship time... Scowl.

I found this photo on my camera... Addie is a photo sneak.
They had made this fort... when, I have no clue. I bet it was in the morning.

I love 4 Year Old posed smiles... 3 year olds don't do it... neither to 5 year olds.
It is only for 4 year olds... full of cheese!

It cracks me up that they made this mask
and Cora needs some snuggles and could care less it if is from a robot sister.

This is Elias' take on the new movie Aliens vs. Cowboys...

Recently we made Elias' hair into an uber cool mohawk... he wasn't real fond of it. He said, "What is wong with my hair! I want hair like Daddy!" We cut it off.

I also found these on my computer... how she did this, I have NO clue.
But it gave me a big laugh.

I love how they keep me laughing!
Thanks for making me a mom, 1,2 and 3 times over!

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