Sunday, November 28, 2010

Elias Makes for a Good Laugh

Ok, two quick stories...

We went over to the Brother's House for a staff dinner (they are the founding family of our camp and super amazing people... more like family than coworkers). Nick had raided the camp freezer and found a mystery meat (that is common at the camp, by the way.) He at first thought it was pork tenderloin, then when the thawed it was in little chunks and he thought it was stredded chicken. So he made BBQ chicken sandwiches out of it. But then some of us thought it was still pork and other chicken so we were going around the table giving our vote on what we thought the mystery meat was.

It was a tie, so Tim turned to Elias and said, "So buddy, what do you think it is? Pork or Chicken?"

Elias thought and said, "Pork-en."

We laughed for about 10 minutes ... Yes it was Porken!

Later that same evening we were having a meeting about camp and Elias was down stairs with the older girls. He came up to use the bathroom and I noticed he was in there a long time... too long.
So Tim went in to check on him and he had gotten into one of the girls mascara. He had painted a very perfectly wiskery mustache on his upper lip. All the staff laughed at his mini-stache. Tim then asked him, "Buddy, why'd you do that?" Elias answered, "Cuz, I am a MAN!"

We all laughed until our guts hurt. He was good entertainment that night.