Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Week of Infamy

So this last week didn't go at all as planned... ever had one of those?

So Monday I took 3 meals to 3 families that either had new babies or were sick. That went great!

Monday night I woke up (actually very early on Tuesday) with a horrible stomach ache. It was not good, but passed it off as "bad" milk a friend had given us. Then when I got up we found that Addie had thrown up and was feeling bad too... not bad milk, the stomach bug!!! NOOO!

We had a rough day, puked and went on with life. Wednesday we were all feeling better, then Elias started running a random fever late that night... no other symptoms. Thursday we decided to skip dinner with friends (so not to get them sick with the gift that keep on given'). We had a nice little Thanksgiving just us... it was real sweet.

During the night I woke up with seriously THE worst sore throat I've ever had, plus I knew I was getting feverish. I KNEW it was strep. On Friday morning I called and got an appointment. Just as I was calling Tim called down that Cora had thrown up all over her bed! Irrr!!! I went back to bed, Tim was a hero and cleaned it all up. I got to the Dr and sure enough it was Strep... did I call it or what? I was running 103* at the Drs. and wonder how I got myself there and back. I know I was going about 30 mph down the roads.

I sacked out in bed for about 2 days. Well last night Saturday, Addie starts complaining of a stomach ache again. We pass it off on her dramatic nature... during the night she threw up at least 3 times and then today (Sunday) she threw up 3 more times! Poor Tim did at least 4 loads of puky wash and changed all the bedding each time (for some reason she was having a hard time aiming for the bowl.

Luckily my enormous glands have gone down and my throat hasn't been so painful. I think the antibiotics are finally kicking in, but I still feel pretty lousy. Addie is still up and down... but a bit more up tonight.

I don't know if I feel more sorry for me and Addie or for Tim... He's been such a Champion... keeping us comfortable, in bed and cleaned up... with a fairly happy attitude.

But, we've accomplished NOTHING this week. We had all these plans to get certain things done... NONE of it got done. Most of all I missed the start of Advent at church (and at home) today. And, we are postponing my birthday (which is tomorrow) until Thursday.

Such an interesting week.

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The Amusing Redhead said...

Hope your feeling much better today. :-)