Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Homeschool Room Makeover

Our house has this amazing office space, that I must admit usually gets junk piled in it... do you have one of those rooms or areas too? Well, we got rid of it and made it into a sweet little homeschooling room!



For just over $200 we totally outfitted our new homeschool area... including supplies.

How'd I do it?
- Re-purposed decorations, pillows, pictures and bins from around the house. Basically, I went "shopping" in my own house. With the added benefit of de-cluttering other areas!
- I picked 3 big items we couldn't live with out: bookshelves, a desk, and chairs (yet to get because Target was out of stock).
- Used the pretty light blue paint I had left over from painting our bedroom a year ago and then picked our "theme" from that... light blue and red.
- Tim and I hand made the stands for the desk with left over wood Tim had around and stained them red.
- We got the desk top at a hardware store (a counter top)... many counter top sellers have remnants or scraps you can buy for next to nothing.
- I "splurged" on one item... the adorable retro red and blue clock... $16 at Target. It was just too perfect to pass up.
- I also purchased the white board and cork board... they still need to be hung.
- Honestly every thing else we had (I guess a benefit of being a former teacher).

What I want to do still...

I still want to make some snazzy pillows for the reading nook... in red and blue of course!

And we need to get chairs... kind of a necessity!

I want to get a few more "schooly" decorations... but I am sure I'll come across those in time.

Finally, I am making a black board out of an old frame and chalk board spray paint for our Bible memory verses... to be hung above the calendar.


ellzabelle said...

I love it! Great work and love your creativity and thriftiness!! So fun.

lucashannon said...

What a great room to learn in! I love the redone space!