Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Events

Other than camp... what are we up to?
Surprisingly camp doesn't take up every spare second... though I wonder some times.
(On a side note we are 1/2 thru).

- Gardening... as I've mentioned. My snap peas are producing!!!
- Organizing... enough said.
- Striving to make a perfect "pin curl" in Addie's now straight hair.
- Art class for the kids, at home.
- Getting some entries ready for the La Plata Co. fair. Photography for both Addie and me, a dress I made and some art work for Addie and Elias.
- Making homemade ice cream... Chocolate, raspberry sorbet and chai!!!
- Avoiding Walmart like the plague.
- Play dates with friends.
- Reading "Winnie-the-Pooh" and "Neighbors on the Hill" among others with the children.
- Teaching skills classes and crafts at camp.
- Watering the lawn... seriously it is a big job.
- Scrapbooking... digi.
- Setting up the Ultimate School Room!!!
- Swimming in the pond.
- Hosted a bridal shower.
- Set up 2 rounds of meals for MOPS moms who added to their family through adoption.
- Playing house, beauty parlor, Buzz Light Year, trains and camping.
- Trying to keep up at camp and the lives of counsellors.
- House guests!
- A wedding... Addie is flower girl.
- Praying for hunger for the Lord and the things He loves.
- Trying to make it to more than 1 small group this summer.

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