Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Frozen Turkey

Another story from my college years...

One evening a loaded car of my friends and I were driving home from downtown Denver to Lakewood (a suburb) on a smallish highway. We noticed a new VW Beetle just off of our exit that appeared to be broken down. Being the "do-gooders" that we are we pulled up behind the car to help and the young ladies that were trying to jack up their car. One of the young men that was with us walked up to the girls car and asked what the problem was... did they have a flat tire and could he be of assistance? They looked funny, annoyed and irritated. Not sure what to make of their unwelcoming and ungrateful response he asked again. With great annoyance they said, "No! We don't have a flat tire.... We hit a FROZEN TURKEY and our car is HIGH CENTERED on it!"

Honestly, we couldn't believe it, we all took turns looking under the front of the car to see nothing less than a frozen turkey. At this point we were all hysterical... the girls were not... which unfortunately made us laugh harder. It was just a lost cause, through tears of laughter we removed the turkey and left with out much more interaction.

Upon returning to campus we went next door to tell the boys who lived there our funny story. I notice as we told our tale that one of our neighbors turned red and started to look suspicious. Come to find out he and some cohorts had gotten some super cheep turkeys on sale and had gone "bowling" down the highway... throwing the foul out their car windows and watching them slide down the road. We could hardly believe it! What a funny set of circumstances! What a foolish thing to do!

No, joking!
It's a true story!

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