Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tears in the Kitchen Sink

This morning I was washing dishes from our weekly Saturday morning crepe breakfast. It is always a huge mess that I dread cleaning up, but the crepes are worth it... made by daddy.

The first thing I do is automatically dump a whole bowl of cooked strawberries down the sink with out thinking. I felt horrible for wasting them like that... I think,

How foolish and wasteful. So many people would love to eat those, and you wash them down the sink with out even thinking.

Not two seconds later I plunge my hand into the other sink to get out dishes and feel it scald my hand. Again, anger wells in me, Stupid, hot water! Why does it have to be so hot! I burn myself nearly daily!

Then I look at that whole sink full of clean, hot water and my tears start dropping one by one into it.

What would someone else where give for even a cup of that hot water. How it could refresh their skin, they could drink it and get warm, they could wash their dirty baby with it! You selfish, pampered woman! So foolish!

I go on to cry into my sink.

Repentance... perspective... humility...

It is good that the very things God has so graciously given me burns me. It is good it physically reminds me that I have, and other don't. It is fitting that the very things I so sinfully take for granted would scald me... would it so scald my heart?

I hope so... daily.

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...they call me mommy... said...

Your posts are such a blessing, Marci! So challenging! Thank you! I'm especially dealing with this with everything going on in Haiti right now. We have been given so much! God is just so good!

Thanks again!