Saturday, January 30, 2010

Artful Expressions

A few mornings ago I came out to see that in the wee hours of the morning a little artist had gotten up and self-commissioned a piece for our family.

We already have a "family wall" that features our favorite photography, but this artist chose to compliment the black and whites with graphite on index card... I know, I know, unorthodox... but we LOVE what it does to bring out the uniqueness in each face. It is abstract and almost symbolic in nature.

The artist even chose to add her finger prints around the art... her methods astound us... the intricacies flawless! The thing we love the best about the work is that it features each family member's name... yet the letters blend into the over all effect.

At first I wasn't to keen on the artist's suggested form of mounting the work... she recommended scotch tape, because it adds to the abstractness and also because it was the only way she could get it to hang lop-sided. In the end I had to trust her creative intuition... and it has grown on me.

This will forever remain a Miller family heirloom... and by judging the market for such a fine piece of art, we may well recoup the cost of the index card, pencil and scotch tape in time.


Breezy said...

So cute. Made me smile. :)

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