Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I've tried several times in my life to be a runner... the only thing is that running makes me feel like dying. It is boring... brain numbingly boring. It makes me feel like I am breathing through wet cotton. It makes your body ache and feel energy sapped.

I started running really regularly this fall... then I got the flu and I stopped. When the new year came around I "re-committed". I did really well, then got irritated that after 3 weeks I still weighed the same and my commitment faltered. Then a friend asked me to run a 10k with her this spring. I agreed... hesitantly.

It is still boring... but I did find an inspirational video that helps me pass the time. It is actually an adoption agency informational video... Can you believe that is what I jog to? Me either, but the music is inspiring and it makes me want to keep jogging for some reason. I love kids, I love cultures and I love to pray for orphans and those effected by poverity. I get to do that when I watch it... I hope you do think I am crazy.

I also think that committing to the 10k has helped me to focus on a goal. The training schedule gives me some structure. I still feel a bit yucky while jogging, but that is even getting better. So, to those of you that have ever heard me say, "I am NOT a runner..." I changed my mind, I am... just a slow one.


...they call me mommy... said...

Great job! I can't run...I had two stress fractures from running/basketball in college and now whenever I run I feel them A LOT! I do jog a bit within my walking, but for the most part I LOVE walking! :) I'm trying to loose a bunch of weight so I understand! We can do it! One step at a time, eh?! That will be AWESOME to do a 10K!!! Great goal! :)

merrell said...

you go girl! i love that you are still out there :)