Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wool Scarf

Recently, I acquired a wool scarf. It was plain and sad. I happened upon a tutorial for adding wool roving (that is unwound wool for those of you that aren't knitters, above) to any wool fabric to create detail. You can use scarfs, pillows, purses... it is limitless.  You just need the roving, a needle felting tool (it is the yellow and green item below), and a piece of foam or a brush type tool (also below under the scarf).  You can also use wool yarn... and as I found, it is easier to make lines with, as it is already wound and a bit easier to make it look even.  But, if you want to make circles, dots or other shapes the roving would be easier to work with.  One thing I found is that if you add a large amount of the roving it gets stiff and bulky... a little bit is much better.  Basically, all you do is lay the roving or yarn and punch, punch, punch the needle on top of it. The needles mix the fibers together and make them one.  WATCH YOUR FINGERS!

This was a fun and fairly inexpensive craft/gift to make.  You can get very inexpensive "woolish" scarves at Walmart... or very pricy ones else where.  

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...they call me mommy... said...

I've seen ideas with is SOOO neat! Great job! :)