Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hot Cocoa Mix

One of my favorite Christmas gifts to give... well and receive is Hot Cocoa!

Here is my bulk recipe... it makes about 30 cups of cocoa to give to people.  I like to give it in a large mason jar.

Hot Cocoa Mix



2 lbs powdered milk 

4 lbs powdered sugar

1 lb coffee creamer

8 ounces unsweetened baking cocoa

1 bag mini chocolate chips or mint chocolate chips


Place all ingredients, divided evenly, into 2 very large mixing bowls, and mix thoroughly.

You can also use a clean plastic trash bag, make sure to close tightly.

Then place in containers.

Place 1/3 cup into a coffee cup and fill with hot water.


Note... I am not really sure how exactly I figure the recipe by the pounds... I kind of figure it more by part.  1/2 part cocoa powder, 1 part mini chips, 1 part creamer, 2 parts powdered milk, 4 parts sugar... etc... It always tastes great!  I've also added ground up candy canes or cinnamon and it is yummy too!

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