Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Home Pre-School

As fall has arrived a bunch of my mommy friends have sent their kiddos to pre-school. Honestly I feel a bit left out (being sarcastic). My years as a teacher make me have this longing to go shopping for school supplies, back packs and fun fall clothes. The smell of erasers and the feel of crisp clean paper and art supplies are something that just resonates with something with in me! As I don't think pre-school is or should be necessary for success at school and we can't afford it I feel left out of the back to school fun. But, as we have thought more and more about our goals and desires for our children home school seems to be were we are I must come to terms with my "back to school cravings." So, I have come up with a solution: Home Pre-School. We are going out and getting some basic school and art supplies and a few work books (which Addie loves). Granted, this is for fun and to get into the habit of sitting down each day to learn. Mondays and Wednesdays will be "work days." My objectives are to teach Addie the following basic skills:

- Count out loud to 20.
- Count with one to one correspondence to 10.
- Write her first name.
- To say phone number and address.
- Recognize basic shapes.
- To draw circle, square, triangle.
- Recognize colors.
- To trace a line.
- To cut a line with scissors.
- To sing the ABC song.
- To sing the ABC letter sound song.
- To put shoes on right feet.
- To sort by size, color, and type.
- Read chapter books aloud together : Charlotte's Web, Little House on the Prairie,

Then on Fridays we will continue to have FUN DAY FRIDAYS!
Here is our schedule for the next few months:

Oct. 31st - Harvest Day, read fall time books, make apple pie, pick apples.
Nov. 7th - Learn to use scissors! Printed cutting pages from
Nov. 14th - Nature walk, if good weather or children's museum if poor weather.
Nov. 21st - Primary colors and painting fun.
Nov. 28th - Make Christmas presents for grandparents (not sure what to make yet). Read about giving to others.
Dec. 5th - Snow man day! Read books about winter and make Snow Man Soup! Hopefully it will snow!

I can't wait to hit walmart and scoop up some supplies to help us start Miller Pre-School!

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erin_brianne said...

I love this idea! I think I'm going to try and do something similar with Josie. I know she's younger than Addie so I will have different goals but it will be good for both of us to have scheduled time to sit and learn :)