Monday, October 20, 2008

3 Course Breastfeeding

I have realized after nursing three children that I offer a 3 course meal. I wasn't always so light hearted about offering this menu. It is due to the fact that for some reason my right side doesn't make much milk, or it doesn't let much milk out. With each child I have dealt with the same reaccuring problem. With Addie I just thought she didn't prefer that side and the supply dwindled and I couldn't get it back up. With Elias I knew there was some problem with me, but he was a much more patient nurser and the supply wasn't so bad. But, here we go again, I have a left side twice the size of my right and I've done everything I can to avoid this lop-sided situation, including pumping every few hours. But, that isn't something I want to continue doing out of vanity. So we are on to nursing pretty much on one side. It isn't much fun acting like a 13 year old having to stuff one side of my bra to look normal, but it is better than making, clean and buying bottles. So, as I was griping to myself today about this repeated problem, I got to thinking that it is funny because I offer a 3 course meal to my babies. I start with an appetizer on the small side so that the baby eats as much as possible when most hungry. Then we move on the fuller side for the entree. And if baby has room we finish up with dessert on the smaller side. It just helps me to think of it in this funny way so that I don't get annoyed about it.


breastfeeding said...

May more and more mothers be encouraged to breastfeed their babies, especially that there are several breastfeeding accessories available in the market.

MapleCottage said...

Congratulations, Marci! She is beautiful.. and I cant believe how much Addie and Elias have grown.. how cute are they!!