Monday, June 23, 2008

Christian Children's Resources I Like

Here is an abbreviated list of children's books/resources I like. If I listed them all it would get out of hand. These are my absolute favorites! 

- The Jesus Storybook Bible: Where Every Story Whispers His Name.
We are almost finished reading this to Addie, she got it for Christmas from us. It is the best kids Bible I have come across. Each story points to Christ and the illustrations are very artistic and fun (no "senior picture Jesus" here...). This has been a great resource to helping Addie learn about who Jesus is.  I LOVE it!!! 
- The Children's Illustrated Bible
I used this as a teacher. The stories are very close to the Bible and detailed, so it is better for older children. The photographs and illustrations are very accurate and help answer questions. I think this is a good resource for homeschoolers and older children.
- Big Truths for Little Kids
This is a catechism resource that makes a the standard catechism easier to teach children so that they aren't just repeating a memorized statement, but understanding the truth behind it. We haven't yet started this with Addie, but plan to this fall. Each chapter contains 3-5 catechism questions and answers and a story that talks about them.  

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