Monday, March 10, 2008


We are finally home after traveling for close to two weeks! Ugh...I am exhausted! Despite my fatigue it is painfully obvious that we dropped the ball in our consistency with Addie during our travels. Yep, we messed up. We pacified her to get through difficult situations instead of just disciplining her whining and fits. We didn't take the time to discipline her fully, finding out the root of the sin in her heart and pointing that out to her and correcting her. We let others indulge her and give her undue sympathy when she was tired, hungry or "hurt." We did everything we seek to not do at home and it shows!
The last two days of our trip was one big whiny, crying, fitful journey of misery. So, now, mommy, I have to sleep in the bed I have made and re-train myself to re-train my child with gracious truth and love. Much easier said than done...
My plan of action consists of the following:
- Do not give repeated warnings or unneeded warnings.
- Give clear simple commands.
- Expect obedience the first time with the right attitude.
- Model correct behavior (in regards to whining).
- Work on one thing at at time.
- Don't worry about organizing, cleaning, that can wait, my child's heart can't.
- Commit to spending the needed time near or around the home to accomplish the needed change.
- Seek to do the Lord's will in my child's life, to keep his greater plan in mind.
- Pray with out ceasing!

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