Tuesday, November 6, 2007

In My "Spare" Time

Recently I have been a knitting maniac! I just finished the most darling booties for Elias. They are made of wool and then felted (by shrinking) to make them thick and warm. I added elastic to the ankles so they are like Robeez and they don't fall off. Here is a photo!

I have also been reading a lot. I recently read a book for a book club I am in called, "Same Kind of Different as Me." It is a true story co-written by two very different men that God brought together in a very unusual way. The first man is a former share-cropper (pretty much modern day slavery). He was raised in rural Louisiana and suffered much because of his race and poverty. He ended up homeless, uneducated and in prison. The second man is a Texan, white, rich and is an art deal. He had the "American Dream" life in every way. However, God saw these two men and brought them together to change inner city Fortworth, TX. with the power of God. It is just a very sad, but inspiring book.

That is pretty much what I have been up to in my spare time. Oh, yeah, playing hide-and-go-seek too, but I don't think that counts :)


merrell said...

ok, are those little booties not the cutest ever!! marci, i wish we lived close so you could teach me how to knit. i've got to learn!! anyway, great work!

Marci said...

Well, I will tell you what, next best thing. I will make your new baby a pair. Let me know what is it and what color you would like.