Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Best Baby Girl Name List EVER!

I'm finally doing it... 

I'm sharing our "list". 

Because ... its fairly likely that we are "done".

Awk! That hurt to write!

But, even if we weren't we'd not be able to use every name on our list anyway... right?

With four beautiful baby girls these were the names that didn't make it (for various reasons). Because, my husband doesn't like long or very "flowery" names like I do. He likes things more "honest" and simple.  So we went with Adelynn, Cora, Thea Agnes and Whitley. Which were my favorites anyway!

You all know how much I love baby names! And this is really "my list" and has a lot of the names that were vetoed by you-know-who.

So, with out further ado...

The Best Girl Name List EVER!

Alaida - “Laida” - Little wings
Alice - Nobel
Amiris - Given by God
Anora - Grace
Beatrice “Bea” - Bringer of joy!
Colette - “Lettie” - Victorious
Della - Bright
Docia - (Doe-SHE-uh) - Given to God
Elodie - “Loddie” or “Elle” - Foreign riches
Elouisa - “Lou” “Louisa” - God is my warrior
Elora - God is my light
Fairyn - Fair faced child
Favour - God’s rich favor
Gracyn - God’s grace
Gail -  Exaltation
Glory - God’s glory
Hadassah - “Haddie”, “Dassa” - Myrtle Tree
Hazel - Hazel tree
Isanna - (Is-ZAN-uh) - A variant of Hosanna - God is Praised!
Ivy - Resilient plant
Iris - Purple flower
Jane - “Janie” - God’s gracious gift
Jovia - “Jovy” - Joyful
Laurel or Laurelle - “Laure” -  Victorious
Lizette - “Ettie” “Lizzy” - my God is bountiful
Lucille - “Lu” “Lucy” “Cille” - light
Maesie - “Mae” - Pearl
McCay - Daughter of fire
Mercy - God is merciful.
Milly - Short for Camille - Servant in the temple.
Miriam - Wished for child or bitter.
Molly - Wished for child
Opal - Precious gem
Prossy (short for Proscovia) - Ancient of days (my interpretation)
Sparrow - Little bird
Viola - Violet

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