Friday, February 21, 2014

Ezra's 1st Day of School

This morning I got a sweet little surprise on my news feed... 

Ezra went to school today!
What a big boy and he looks so "smart" in his big school uniform. 
So precious!

Although he looks a bit unsure I am so excited for him and the opportunity he will have to grow and learn in his pre-school. I hope tomorrow he has a smile and feels excited to go! 

I wonder how excited his aunt was today. 
Was she so thrilled as she buttoned up his over-sized shirt and put on his little shorts? Did she remark that he needed to keep them clean and take them off the minute he got home? Did she tell him it would be fun and not to be afraid? Did her eyes get a little teary when he had to go? 

I've thanked God today that he has a teacher and classmates to spend time with, to grow with and to look up to!

Sponsorship is a really amazing way to ensure that children stay out of orphanages and institutional settings! Sponsorship also ensures that a child's family of origin is able to raise them and give them what they need to grow, be healthy and to learn and have a future. 

We are daily thankful that we were able to learn about Ezra, his aunt and the life they live in Uganda. We are also honored to be able to share his story, one that didn't include adoption but has still allowed him to be raised in a loving home with great opportunities.

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