Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Allan is 7

Dear Allan, 
On your birthday!

Seven years ago today I got the best Christmas present ever! 
I just didn't know it for 4 years... the unwrapping of this gift took some time.


Allan, you are a continual mystery to me. 
You surprise me and make me marvel.

I look at you and I thank God for giving me just a little taste of the wonder that took place at the birth of His Son.

You are such a good brother. You fit perfectly in our family and I shutter at the thought of all of us missing out on knowing you! We would not be the same, we would be so much more poor with out you. Very empty and incomplete.

You are preceptive, gentle, sensitive and loving. 
You are not like most kids your age. 
You can be quite serious and yet be a complete goof moments later.

You still act like a Ugandan, and I really love that about you. 
I love that you love chicken and rice best of all and that gummy snacks gross you out. I love it that you would like coffee in the morning (if we let you) and that you kneel instead of sit cross legged. I love it that you drop your "a's" and can't pronounce an "r". 

I love it how your smile is given only when it is earned, but you'll laugh very readily with a lot of volume. 

I love it that you love the color yellow. 
I love it that you are you and we were allowed to know and love you!

You are THE best Christmas gift I have ever gotten... At times I wish we had gotten to be together your very day, but then again, you would not be the "you" I love if we had.
I think you arrived at a perfect time. My biggest baby boy! 

Thank you for letting me be your mom... We love you Bulungi Boy!

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