Wednesday, October 9, 2013

~ Cora Turns 5 ~

Oh Cora Anne!

Do you know how much you are loved? I am smitten with you! You make my gray days bright and sunny with just a word or hug. 

You are my daily surprise. 
In fact, you always have been. 

I didn't know you'd join our family, when you did. I expected things to go one way, but God intended them to go another, and your entrance into our family forever changed me for the better. You were a catalyst of growth and change for this "play-it-safe" mama. What I learned was that God knows what I deeply desire, even when I don't even know it myself. He knows my limits and give grace in my failings!

Then when I saw you I was again surprised... you looked nothing like I expected! But you were beautiful and wonderful all the same!  We even had to make a quick name change from what I thought we'd call you, because Cora fit you better. I am so glad you were who God gave me on 10-09-08.

Today we read about God using unexpected events for His glory and our good. Sweet one. That is you, in my life!

You are spunky. You remind me of one of my favorite grandmas. You are you. 

Thank you for being a life-changer for me!
Thank you for being a girl who proves God know my heart and give me grace (as your name states!)
Thank you for just being you!

On your 5th birthday.

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