Tuesday, November 13, 2012

True Story Tuesday: Really Called "All-the-cute-and-funny-things-my-kids-do-Tuesdays."

Today Addie looked at me seriously and said, "Mom, out of all the summer's we've been at camp, this last one was the most challenging. We had the water issues with the septic, the sicknesses and hurt campers, and the drought... it was really challenging!"
What 7 year old knows about septic tanks... she listens too well!
She was spot on... and all I could do was laugh.
(There is a secret reason this blog is called the name it is....)

Two days ago I got out all our kids winter/snow clothes.
They were all excited.
But Eli found his snow suit, some how it got turned inside out so that the very slippery nylon was on the outside.
First I noticed he was literally slithering around on our concrete floors from one end of the house to the other... over and over. My first thought was, "Is there something wrong with him?"
He stopped that... because I told him to.
Then we renamed his snow suit "the suit of death and disfigurement" when he went to the top of the stairs and (I am sure you know what I will write next) slid down head first.... it didn't end well.

Then yesterday Eli had not had enough "death and disfigurement" so he tied the string of his mini blind around his waist (shall we rejoice it wasn't his neck?) and (I am sure you know what I will write next) jumped off his bed. We are thanking the good Lord and the designing of the blinds (who probably has a son too) who made them have a plastic connection in the middle of the string that breaks off when it gets enough tension... so it doesn't kill the child or pull the whole blind down!!! That is a miracle of modern engineering!

Allan slept in my bed one night this week and our dog Sadie walked into our room, pushing the door open with her nose, and trotted into the bathroom and started lapping up water. Allan was unable to see her. He came running out of the room, obviously terrified! He said, "Mom! I heard some noises! I think it is an invisible man!" Poor boy. Again, all I could do was laugh. He did get a good snuggle and reminders that there is no such thing as invisible men. Blast my sick sense of humor! It is going to give my kids a complex... I am almost sure of it.

Oh and Thea woke up talking in complete sentences... it hasn't been quiet since... but no one can really understand her... bummer. It is like a demanding little dictator yell at us all day long in another language.

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