Sunday, March 4, 2012


There is this song I like, it is called "Everything is Sacred" and it is about how as a mom and wife all the little things you do everyday are important and do mean something.

That is where I am living these days.

Feeling like "getting caught up" is my main mission in life.
I love it.
I also get frustrated and weary at times.

Really. Isn't it so true that you never can know exactly what to expect... and what you think will be hard isn't and some thing else is...

The song also has a line that says the piles of laundry and dishes are "proof of life..."
I like that.
We don't live in a model home, a TV set or a maid managed house. There is life constantly unfolding around us. Teeth to be brushed, bodies to be washed, clothes to be cleaned, food to be made.

And it all proves that life is happening.
God is continuing to give to us out of His glorious riches.
What a sweet reminder of God's faithfulness.

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