Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Daddy's Girl...

(Thea avoiding one of Tim's scruffy kisses)

(Tim showing Thea my Valentine roses)

(Chocolates... a way to all girl's hearts)

If I make this thing function, Tim makes this thing fun (just take off the -ction).

Yet again we have a Daddy' Girl... or she is "getting there."
Some times I think, "Wow, for the better part of 9 months Thea never saw a man, much less a white one." Tim has got to be a bit strange to her. Does it bother him that she is sort of "weirded out" by him, nope. He know's no one can resist him for long... he patiently interacts with her time and time again. And just shakes off her hesitancy and keeps on loving her.

Generally she "puts up with him", but recently she is learning to love him.
On Sunday she fell asleep in church in his arms.

Dad's are so vitally important in little lives... especially to making little girls grow into women who feel secure and with out voids. I am so thankful for a man who loves his girls, treats them uniquely special and know's the importance of his role in their little lives!

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