Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Nursery

Did you know that I haven't made a baby nursery since Addie's... Miss #1?
Every other baby to join us has just slept in our room until they could move in (once night feedings end) with their bigger sibling, thus no need for a baby nursery. Boo hoo.

That is until Miss Thea!

Oh! I have had fun remaking bedding, finding odds and ends and putting a sweet little nursery together for her!

The white blanket was the blanket Thea was taken to the orphanage in! The other one is the one we sent to her so she could be blanketed in our love while she waited. Two very special blankets!

Baskets and goods from Ug@nda.

Our "nursing nook"!

Here is the bedding I repurposed. I took out the old panels (the multi-colored part)... and my amazing mother in law helped me put the new ones in! And her monkey "Sylvie".

One of Thea's orphanage roommates "Jimmy's" mom took these amazing shots in Ug@nda... the far left one is the inspiration for her room... the purple, yellow and teal in the photo really touched my heart and made me think... These are the perfect colors for the room!

Amazing, huh?

This girl has a whole table for diaper and hair products. :0)

And my favorite... Brooms from Jaja (Allan's grandma)... we have photos of her making them! She said, "Two are for Allanee and two for Thea." But for now they hang above Thea's changer!

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