Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hair... Comb Coils

I've been doing a lot of banded styles (puffs, veiled, bantu knots) with Thea and have slowly seen it do harm to her ultra-fine hair. Her hair strands are the finest I have ever seen... I don't know if that is because she is a baby or it is just her hair. But we've had some breakage do to the rubber bands. :-(

I am trying some more "protective styles" meaning that it is styled looser, but also where the hair is protected (either braided, twisted) with no bands or cloth bands.

I tried these mini twist/coils recently I really liked the look on her.
It is fun and whimsical, but still functional for me.

Here I tried pulling them back in cloth bands for a different look!

Now I just need to learn how to get the bases a bit tighter and also arrange my parts a bit more orderly!

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