Friday, December 9, 2011

Sweet Today

Having a baby in our home is delightful... savoring cloth diapered booties, a baby on my hip, toothy slobber grins and sleeping through the night.

I've reheated my cup of coffee a total of 6 times today. The last 1/8th is cold, but still not consumed. It makes me laugh.

We have a boy who had horrible looking teeth but got a perfect check up at the dentist... who knew tartar could protect your teeth when you don't brush it for nearly 5 years!?

I lost my pattern/template for my paper star ornaments... after an hour of trying to find it on the internet I gave up... it must have been very rare... there are A LOT out there!

Loving a little person who always wants to "wok in the wokking chair", "nuggle" and "sit on you yap." I can't get enough of her! Seriously. Three year olds... I hope I always have one!

I have to admit I secretly like that show "The Sing Off". I do. So cool how they sing like that.

I give thanks daily for a man who looks great in flannel and tees! Nearly 10 years and I still swoon.

I hate bottles... I seriously wish I could re-lactate... just so I don't have to make another bottle. Nothing beats laying down and nursing a baby.

Little boys. They are so honest. Today one of them ran full speed at my butt... as I bent over to pick up a baby. Let's just say that didn't end well for either of us!

If you need something good to read (on spirituality/theology) just look up Andrew Murray... who needs new books when we have writers/thinkers like that man?

And big kids... or kid. So thankful we have one of them. I am not sure how I could do it with out one. Plus, her servant heart humbles me... every day. She is with daddy today and I miss her.

What was sweet in your home today?

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